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May 15, 2020  | by Natalie

Your COVID-19 Dental Cleaning - How It May Be Different

Our hygienists are excited to see everyone again! Your dental health is our highest priority, but we have made a few changes to your upcoming hygiene visit to keep you, team members, and other patients safe during this period of time to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19.

As always, we complete oral cancer and gum health screenings, decay and periodontal risk assessments, take your necessary radiographs, scale your teeth with hand instruments, floss, provide home care instruction, and apply fluoride varnish. Dr. Farrow will also complete a dental exam.

Since it is currently unknown if COVID-19 is spread via aerosols - particles tiny enough to stay airborne for an extended period - there will be a few temporary changes to your hygiene appointment for the safety of our patients, as well as ourselves, until we know more. We will temporarily modify certain procedures during your routine cleaning that can create aerosols including:

  • Implementing a pre-procedure antimicrobial mouth rinse: rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide based mouthwash to lessen any virus particles present in saliva.
  • Use of a Cavitron (high powered ultrasonic scaler): the high pressure air and ultrasonic vibrations can create spray and aerosols. Your hygienist is skilled in providing a thorough cleaning with hand scaling.
  • Use of air + water: combining air and water for a “power rinse” will not be performed due to the risk of splatter and potential aerosols. We will still rinse with water.
  • Completing a polishing with a rotating handpiece: per recommendations from the ADA, there may be a risk of creating aerosols with the rotating handpiece used for a polish. To play it safe, we are not able to offer a polish at this time. We recognize that a polish at the end of your visit is helpful to remove any stain and leave you with a bright and shiny smile, and we hope to be able to find a way to offer this in the future.

You can still expect the same amount of time, care, and attention from us - and the same commitment to supporting your oral and overall health. It will be great to see you again!

The hygiene team at Monroe Street Family Dental - Gina, Natalie, and Michelle