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November 02, 2019  | by Gina

Options in Orthodontics: Stick with Your Dentist

Proper tooth alignment brings myriad benefits. When teeth are in the proper alignment - both in relation to the adjacent teeth, and making the proper contacts with the oppositional teeth - the oral environment (as well as the head and neck) can be brought back into harmony and a state of health can ensue. Jaw and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, cavity-prone areas, recession, cracked or worn teeth, pulpitis, heavy tartar build-up and even speech disorders can all potentially be treated or prevented with orthodontics. Invisalign, a series of clear aligners, is one such orthodontic option that might be right for you. One benefit of clear aligners is that they can be prescribed and managed by your own family dentist. This is preferable to many patients, who prefer to be seen by a doctor who is more familiar with all the aspects of their care, both clinically and personally. A great dentist knows what motivates his patients. He will know what challenges and hesitations his patient may have had in the past, and be able to help avoid any pitfalls on the way to the desired outcome. He will already know your concerns about your smile, the parameters of your lifestyle, and those details about you that can help ensure your orthodontics are a success. He will also be able to tell you if Invisalign is a good fit for you!