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March 24, 2016  | by Gina

“No-Drill Dentistry” on NPR’s Your Health

Opinions about fluoride abound, but even those who accept the benefits of fluoride treatments for their children and teenagers may not know the positive influence it can have on preventing tooth decay in adults. Recently, NPR’s Vanessa Rancano of “Your Health” picked up on the preventative model that is becoming standard of practice in dentistry. Current, holistic treatment plans will incorporate a measurement of the patient’s total risk for cavities - including a person’s cavity history, salivary flow, medical conditions, medications, diet, home care habits, and the bacteria that is present in the mouth. Monroe Street Family Dental embraces this risk assessment model, updating the fluctuating risk for each patient at each preventive visit.

At the center of this trend toward more preventative dentistry is fluoride, specifically, the varnish treatment that has been embraced by many modern practices (including MSFD.) NPR shares the various ways in which fluoride interrupts the disease process before it requires drilling and filling: by making teeth more resistant to decay, by attacking harmful bacteria, by strengthening the teeth when they are forming, and by actually boosting the healing process by drawing helpful compounds from the saliva to the tooth enamel. At anywhere from one-fourth to one-thirtieth the cost of a single filling, preventative fluoride not only minimizes restorations, but is financially conservative as well.

Learn more about preventative adult fluoride treatments in the “No Drill Dentistry” feature in Health News at NPR.