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Crooked Teeth?

Don't want braces? Invisalign may be right for you!

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Dental Services

care that is just right for you

Some medical visits feel like you are being run through a checklist at breakneck speed—so that another patient can fall in behind you. At Monroe Street Family Dental, we take a more patient-centric approach. As we assess your dental health, we use a Goldilocks approach: not too little, but not too much. We will not rush your visit. Instead we’ll thoroughly consider each concern you share with us and those we find during a complete exam. Our approach means that every patient gets their smile to be just right.

Yesterday's conventional dentistry had a short-range approach to dental fixes. Solving one immediate problem frequently set the stage for future problems; patch jobs rather than solutions that restored your smile. At Monroe Street Family Dental, we want to solve the problem you're having in your mouth proactively, with minimal effort, in a way that serves your whole self with a comfortable beautiful smile for years to come.


Whole Mouth Care

Healthy smile, Healthy you. When we talk about whole mouth care, we think really big. Dental health translates to an overall healthier you (guarding against heart disease and stroke, to name a few). We aim for long-term, maintainable mouth health and comfort as well as the creation and maintenance of a beautiful, natural smile. LEARN MORE »


Emergency Care

In a pinch? We reserve appointments to provide urgent care, often with same-day service for injuries and accidents, broken teeth, lost fillings and toothaches. Call us at 608.204.0222


A Game Plan

The quarterback is in: When issues are complicated, Dr. Farrow works closely with area specialists to provide the most up-to-date and personalized care that you can expect, staying connected to you and your collective plan all along.

How We Work

Case Study Video

Our approach restored a good foundation and stable bite but also fixed some cosmetic issues. The result: a whole, healthy confident smile.

Family Care

kids count

We are especially committed to making children comfortable and creating positive memories of early dental care. Kids will find fun toys and activities designed to make them feel at home. Dental care is something kids grow into and we're in no rush–this relationship is for the long haul and we believe it's best to start early and get them comfortable visiting the dentist. We do our best to make a visit to the dentist easy and enjoyable.

We offer these services:

• Pediatric dental care for all ages
• Flouride treatments (when appropriate)
• Oral health guidance
• Laughing gas available


Free Under 3

We aim to put young children at ease by explaining everything we do, encouraging questions and never assuming they will feel particularly cooperative. First exams for kids under the age of three are complimentary. LEARN MORE »


Bring on the silly.

Dr. Farrow puts patients large and small at ease and lets them know that silliness is welcome here (after all, there’s nothing quite as silly as trying to talk with a suction device in your mouth).

Preventative Care

the best defense is a good offense

All dentistry, at its best, is preventative. Our approach is proactive and preventative, taking steps to minimize invasive procedures whenever possible. Dr. Farrow anticipates care that may be needed in future years and will lay out the best plan to ensure the best care with minimum effort. Find out more about our preventative services :

• Teeth Cleaning
• Fluoride treatments
• TMJ screenings and therapy
• Protective mouth guards
• Oral cancer screenings
• Non-surgical gum treatments


Bacteria's effects.

Bacteria can cause gum bone disease around teeth, as well as decay in teeth. Working together diligently, we will protect your teeth by making sure all surfaces are protected and both cleanable and protected. It is very important to look closely for signs of damaging changes and intervene before pain is present.


Jaw system stress.

If the bite is not in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles, problems occur which include worn, broken, and loose teeth; sore muscles; headaches; and facial and joint pain. Because these concerns worsen over time, we look for any damaging stresses on your jaw system. By finding these early, we can resolve problems before they increase in severity. LEARN MORE »


You only get one set

Your teeth should last a lifetime. The long term health of your teeth depends on two primary factors: controlling the negative effects of bacteria and controlling the negative effects of excessive stresses exerted on the jaw system.

Restorative & Cosmetic Care

life happens

You thought the olives were pitted. That ache in your mouth worsens. Your daughter takes a spectacular fall off the monkey bars and lands on her mouth. Whether we meet you under these circumstances for the first time or have cared for your teeth for years but see you unexpectedly, we know how to help and fast.

Our restorative care services can deal with emergencies or other events that accumulate slowly due to natural processes in a growing adolescent or in an aging adult. Some might file some of these services under cosmetic dentistry, but we take a more comprehensive approach and often combine cosmetic services in with a restorative procedure. Learn more about our services below:

• Custom, Metal-free crowns
• Tooth-colored mercury-free fillings
• Natural tooth replacements with implants
• Full and partial dentures
• Smile Design
• Teeth whitening
• Porcelain veneers
• Invisalign - Clear Orthodontics


Enhance your smile.

Many of our patients have shared ways in which they wish to improve their smiles, and we have found personalized ways to connect their goals to a realistic plan. Today, more than ever before, we can both improve the health and appearance of your smile with precision and lasting results. Options include conservative options like Invisalign and veneers.



Are you feeling less confident with your smile? Invisalign, or clear braces, is an amazing way to address bite issues, spacing and/or crowding without the hassle and appearance of brackets and wires. LEARN MORE »